How to use ScubaTribe effectively in your dive business

ScubaTribe products are designed for dive shops, resorts, liveaboard yachts, dive travel agents, training agencies, charities and other dive related organizations

Below is a step by step guide of how to get the most from the ScubaTribe system.

Step 1 : Sign up

In order to collect verified reviews and feedback on your behalf, we need to know a bit about you.

  • Company details (name, address, internet locations, service offerings, contact details)
  • A high resolution logo (any image format)
  • Social network admin access (e.g. we can auto broadcast your reviews to Facebook, twitter etc. optional)
  • Some nice images to spice up your ScubaTribe profile
  • Location information (multiple locations)

We have many options available to customize your profile and personalize your guests review experience and are happy to walk you through the options.

Step 2 : Invite guests to review you

ScubaTribe reviews are verified - by INVITE ONLY

This means you must invite your guests (minimum required to send a request is an email address but we can include all kinds of personalization options)

  • Enter email in to your ScubaTribe admin panel by copy/paste with or without guest names
  • Excel or similar list uploads which can include names, activities, individual ID codes etc.
  • Automated connections. Currently we are connected with EVE agent, Scubaocity as well as standard business management systems to automate the sending of requests
  • Add one time use codes to your current thank you mails requesting a review on ScubaTribe
  • Collect reviews and feedback face to face utilizing our bespoke data application on any smartphone, tablet or PC

This removes the possibility that competitors or persons who were not guests can leave reviews. Open review platforms have very little control over who or how many times someone can leave a review.

Step 3 : Broadcast and share your feedback

ScubaTribe is building a network of outlets where you can share your reviews automatically

  • Auto post new reviews to your business Facebook wall (eg. 3 stars or better)
  • Auto post to Twitter, Google Plus and other social networks
  • Share all your reviews on your page with our Facebook app
  • Post weekly/monthly summaries to your social networks
  • Display your review score on your own website with a ScubaTribe badge
  • Display all your reviews on your own website
  • Broadcast your reviews to other websites (eg.

Sharing your reviews across the web increases your reach, visibility and trust as ScubaTribe reviews are of much higher quality than those found on existing open review sites.

Step 4 : Listen, engage and learn

ScubaTribe offers powerful data analysis tools and the ability to engage and learn from your customers for the long term.

  • Use the ScubaTribe admin to monitor feedback and see trends as well as reply to feedback publicly and control your review broadcasting
  • Feed your data directly into your CRM system through our API (eg EVE, Scubaocity, Filemaker, MS Office etc.)
  • Catch problems before they become problems
  • Gather useful data over time for trending and focusing your business on the areas that bring real returns
  • Learn from your customers by seeing your business from their point of view

ScubaTribe allows you to make informed business decisions based on real data. Something to backup your gut feeling.


It's easy to get started