ScubaTribe FAQ's

Q: How do I get more reviews?

A: The best and easiest way is to invite all your customers to review you. The ScubaTribe system offers you the tools to do that.

Q: What makes you different from the other review sites out there?

A: Quite a few things separate us, most importantly we are a Business service and not in it to get our logo all over the net so you can be assured we are gathering reviews for you. Our business is building your business and we dont do anything other than reviews and feedback.

1.) Our reviews are by invitation only meaning that only your REAL customers can review you and only one time per transaction.
2.) By inviting your customers you get many more reviews than if you sit around hoping that someone will write something about you somewhere.
3.) We don't mix up your reviews with restaurants and motor bike rentals, these are reviews with a focus on what matters to your diving business.

What do I do when I get new reviews?

A: New reviews can be shared with the world by:

1.) Adding a ScubaTribe badge to your homepage where visitors can see your current rating.
2.) Display all or a selection of your reviews on your homepage so your customers can read them without leaving to browse the net for them.
3.) Display your reviews in a Facebook tab on your companies Facebook page
4.) Automatically post your new reviews on your Facebook wall, Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile, Pinterest wall and more.
5.) Display stars in a Google search next to your company name

Q: How much time will it take me to get this review-thing going?

A: To set up your account with all the pretty pictures and your logo will take you about 15 minutes. You can start sending review requests directly thereafter.

Q: Are you offering any other services than customer reviews?

A: Yes, we offer our customers the option to include customer satisfaction surveys as part of the rating email, app based reviews and questionnaires, sentiment analysis of reviews texts, social listening and we are adding powerful new features on a regular basis.

Q: Will my homepage rank higher on Google if I have more reviews?

A: Yes! Search engines love websites with reviews and index them up to 200 times more often than pages without customer reviews. Google and other search engines are also active in further supporting sites with reviews as it shows potential customers that you care about what they say.

Q: Why should I get more reviews?

A: 50-60 % of today's consumers won't book anything travel related before reading online reviews and that number is rising every year. Reviews also provide an invaluable insight into the minds of your customers, something that every business should actively seek.