What makes a ScubaTribe review?

Quality feedback for the scuba diving industry


We give each dive businesses the opportunity to make their reviews as relevant as possible for you as a diver by adding custom questions and personalizing the feedback collection process.


All our reviews are by invitation only, meaning you don't have to worry about robots or hired writers submitting false reviews.


We verify all reviewers by sending them a personal link to the email address they provide. Emails are checked against our database of divers and our secret algorithms along with human checks assure the reviewer is a real customer of the shop / liveaboard.

High quality

As a result of the above and through our vast experience in the diving industry and market research we provide an incredibly high level of quality feedback for divers and dive centers alike.


In addition, we automate the sending of reviews for many of our clients by connecting ScubaTribe directly to their booking system - this guarantees review requests automatically go out to all or a truly random selection of their customers.

Trustworthy reviews and unfiltered customer feedback are the "word-of-mouth" of the 21st century.