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written on Apr 20, 2018

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5/5 stars

My notes from a great 3 day course with The Man!

Alex Tyrrell notes

Day 1
✓ Change camera flash power to -2 menu #3
✓ YS01 RHS, left hand can hold the top strobe when in portrait position
✓ YS01, normal diffuser, couple of clicks higher than YSD2 with 120 diffuser
✓ Eg YS01 full power, YSD2 on F22
✓ YSD2 120 diffuser
✓ YS01 dome diffuser
✓ Bunny ears for table coral or sand
✓ Use filters for ambient background
✓ Strobes: distance is critical, especially when very close (exponential)
✓ Zoom to review sharpness
✓ Highlite warning
✓ background: change shutter speed or position, into/sun behind, up/down
✓ foreground: change strobe power or position
✓ Ambient light
✓ Adjust shutter speed
✓ Background
✓ Shutter speed
✓ Aperture f8+
✓ Foreground
✓ Aperture f8+
✓ Strobes
✓ Fisheye
✓ F8 to f11
✓ One touch of zoom to avoid soft corners
✓ soft corners ok if just water, cannot be fixed inLR

✓ Plane of focus
✓ DOF Change Aperture
✓ Zoom Magnification
✓ DOF behind focal point is twice as far compared to in front of focal point
✓ Noise
✓ High iso (iso800 plus zoom) can be fixed in LR
✓ Check out rear curtain for RX100
◦ Fish ball Chumphon
◦ Half second, iso100 f11
Day 2
✓ ISO 400 helps strobes especially the YS01
◦ LR reduce highlites: changes white to grey, ok for coral
◦ Zoom in the use brush tool
◦ Radial tool, good for strobe adjustments
◦ WB then check background, reduce tint to avoid purple water
◦ WB dropper - select sand etc within strobe range
✓ Strobes behind handle, including diffusers
✓ Angle in if very close (last resort)
✓ Take exposure to the limit then back off a bit
✓ Histogram to the right without clipping highlites
✓ Difficult with fast moving fish and reef scenes
◦ Viewer drawn to high contrast, over exposure etc
◦ Sun balls f11 and drop Iso
◦ Ambient scenes
◦ Copy WB from shot to shot without much adjustment
◦ Portrait orientation
✓ Avoid Blair Witch
◦ Focus not so critical
◦ Small aperture allows Iso up to 800
◦ Shutter speed adjustments not required
◦ Change distance and power
✓ Hood gaps can cause back scatter
◦ Sand
◦ iso 800
◦ Fast shutter speed
◦ Increase ambient light
◦ Can edit in LR
◦ LR - three C’s
◦ Colour
◦ Contrast
◦ Clarity for mid tones, sharpens, can look artificial
◦ Dehaze thermoclines
◦ Vibrance, selects least saturated colours first
◦ Blues, use blue hue
◦ Luminance, same effect as shutter speed
◦ Target tool in Colour Mix, select which colour to change

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