What is ScubaTribe?

A business tool for reputation and social media management. A marketing tool for sharing the experiences and testimonials of your guests. An internal development tool for improving and developing your services based on customer insight. And so much more...





1: Invite your customers to review you

Why wait for feedback? Request it.

ScubaTribe has tried and tested tools at prices hundreds less than comparable systems. Our invitation only, verified feedback requests require only 15 minutes of setup and as little as 10 minutes of your valuable time each month to maintain.

2: Share your feedback

The ScubaTribe suite of products is all about sharing.

50 to 60% of travelers will not book holiday activities without first reading online reviews and even more consider them important when making a decision of where to spend their hard earned money. We provide the tools to share this information across all social media platforms and wherever else you want them.

3: Analyze your data

Compare, contrast, separate by tour operator or segment by demographics.

ScubaTribe provides regular reports and the ability to crunch the data as you wish. Our sentiment analysis also allows you to gain insight from text based answers and trend these over time.

4: Learn from your customers

Your business from your customers point of view.

ScubaTribe reviews and feedback surveys allow you to gather regular information from the view point of those who matter and compare it to the past in order to make informed business decisions.


Guaranteed authentic reviews

Send individualized requests to your customers which avoid competitor exploitation and mistrust associated with open review platforms

Customizable feedback questionnaires

Add specific questions to target areas of your business or use as a stand alone customer feedback collection tool

ScubaTribe® data collection application

Use our bespoke application on any smart phone, tablet or PC to perform surveys, record dive and sea conditions, log trip/dive reports, collect feedback at trade shows, and much more... on and offline


Reviews = Visibility

Social streams -Auto post / tweet your reviews
Facebook app -All your reviews on your facebook page
Your website -Badges, API embeds and CMS plugins
Search engines -Prominent stars in search results

Digital satisfaction surveys

Say goodbye to paper surveys or the hundreds of hours required to develop your own digital survey system and use ours instead. Tablet based, online, offline - it takes just a few minutes to setup and implement it in your daily business.

Powerful data analysis tools

Slice and dice the data however you like using our state-of-the-art analysis and reporting software. Use the information you gain to improve services, focus your offerings and segment your customers as well as get insight into changing trends and areas of future growth.