ScubaTribe partners with marine charities

Supporting sustainable tourism and environmental protection policies is central to the ScubaTribe philosophy.

To show our support, we have teamed up with two international charities dedicated to the protection of Sharks and marine sanctuaries

Our commitment

ScubaTribe has resolved to donate 10 US cents for every review published on ScubaTribe to one of our partner charities.

The charity to receive the funds will be chosen by our reviewers... this is how it works.

Our first 1000 reviews are dedicated to the Shark Trust. This means that when our 1000th review is published, we will send 100 US dollars to the Shark Trust on behalf of those 1000 people who have reviewed dive businesses around the world on ScubaTribe.

Every 1000th reviewer chooses the next charity

The person who submits the 1000th review will be given the choice of which charity will receive the funds from the next 1000 reviewers.

The charities will be chosen from the list of partner charities ScubaTribe currently has agreements with. Suggestions are welcome, contact us to add one

ScubaTribe will offer a choice of maximum four charities at any given time to that individual. The individual will be notified by email and requested to respond within 5 business days. If no reply is made in that time we will send a request to the 999th person, then the 998th and so on until a choice is made. ScubaTribe reserves the right to make a random charity choice if this process exceeds a month with no response from the reviewers.

ScubaTribe is interested in a collaborative environment to raise awareness and support for the charities it supports by informing its members of the connection and offering ways for said members to increase individual support and educate others.

ScubaTribe will retain the right to terminate the cooperation at any time. In the case of such a termination, ScubaTribe will endeavor to inform all involved parties in due time and will commit to making any contributions accrued up to the point of public termination.

The agreement between ScubaTribe and our charities represents nothing more than a charitable donation. We have not, in any way, been contracted by the associated charities to engage in fund raising activities nor do we benefit in any way financially from these activities. All donations are made voluntarily on behalf of ScubaTribe and its members where applicable and do not represent a contractual agreement of any kind.

ScubaTribe proudly supports

Shark Trust

Safeguarding the future of sharks

The Shark Trust is the leading UK-based charity that works to safeguard the future of sharks through positive change. The Trust works from local to global level to push for effective management, enforced protection and responsible trade in shark products.

A science-based organisation, the Trust thrives on collaboration, bringing people together and finding pragmatic solutions to advance the worldwide conservation of sharks.

Shark Angels

Join the movement Earn your wings

Globally connected, Shark Angels around the world are taking action locally, fueled by empowering tools, a collaborative community, and a shared passion. Through positive education, media and grass roots outreach, Shark Angels are changing the future for sharks.

We are the next generation of shark conservationists, working independently and as a network of angels to bring about change. Because sharks need all the guardian angels they can get.