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Amed Dive Center
Jl. I Ketut Natih
Pantai Timur No 801 Karangasem
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written on Feb 12, 2016 in East Northport

Added Feb 12, 2016

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Decompression Illness with your team

My computer stopped working on the first dive so I had to trust the center's diver for the ascent. 2 days later I realized that the rash that I was getting 10-20 min after the dive was not an allergy but skin bends; joint pain after and SOB; hospital trip and ruined trip planned just to dive. When returned to NY the computer indicated 2 diving violations. German lady at the resort told me same thing happened to her.
Traveled 10.000 miles to dive...

Scubafan would not recommend Amed Dive Center

Response from Amed Dive Center Feb 13, 2016

Dear Chistina,

we are very sorry that you feel not being treated properly with our dive professionals.
We investigated the situation and can comment as follows:

According to the information you provided to us you are a certified open water diver with 75 recorded dives and thus have quite some diving experience. When you registered with us you did not mention any health problems or risks we should take into consideration when diving with you. You are a medical doctor.

We provided you with a dive guide for yourself (no other guest) to serve you best for making under water photos. You dive guide was our certified dive master Komang who has 15 years experience in the dive industry.

In the evening of you first diving day (after the first 2 dives) you felt unwell but according to your own statement this was due to sea sickness and was no problem. Before heading out (on our boat) on day two you also stated that you used some medicine for the sea sickness and there was no problem. On that 2nd day your first dive was at Tulamben shipwreck and after a suitable break you did your second dive of that day at drop off. Both dives went down to about 20 meters with a safe and slow ascent. During all your dives safety stops were done at 5 meters for at least 3 minutes.
You did not mention or show any signs of decompression sickness after your dives! However, you were very quiet and did not talk to the other people on the boat or to our dive crew.
After retuning to the Hotel you went to your room and left your camera at the dive center. When asked you stated that you are OK and would take the camera later. You did not talk to our dive crew and did not mention any problems.

On the next morning you complained and stated that Komang had tried to kill you?! When asked to investigate and discuss the problem with Komang and our operation manager Lena you complained about Komang's guiding and stated that he put you in danger. When invited to check the record on his dive computer (since yours was out of order) you refused. We must ask WHY? When asked to be brought to the hospital you also refused with the argument that you know better since you are a medical doctor. What else could we do?
You checked out and left!

As you stated in your email and as observed by our dive crew your dive computer was out of order when diving with us. It is therefore impossible that your dive computer recorded these dives and/or any dive violations during these dives!

We do not understand what went wrong and apologize if you feel not being treated properly. However, we cannot accept your allegation that we put your life in danger. Our dive crew can proof that they followed safety regulations and dived safe with you. They also did their very best to find out what the problem was but you did not give them a chance.

Once again we are very sorry if you were not happy with our services and could not enjoy your stay with us.

Thank you and best regards

Amed Dive Center

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