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Bahamas Master

Bahamas Master
Bradford Marine
Grand Bahama Island
West Grand Bahama
Tel: +66 (0) 76 367 444
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from Brighton reviewed Bahamas Master

written on Apr 13, 2019 on board.

Added Apr 14, 2019

5/5 stars

Experience of a lifetime

My trip to tiger beach was absolutely fantastic. In each and every dive over the seven days I saw more sharks than every other dive I have ever done put together. Each morning you awake to the sight of lemon sharks surrounding the boat, then as you enter the water we saw Carribean reef sharks, nurse sharks, bull sharks, even a great hammerhead shark (Patches, who is a bit of a legend around tiger beach) and, of course, tiger sharks. Each one with their own personality that you come to learn over the week, knowing the ones that will be well behaved (Maria and Zora) and also the ones you need to keep a better eye on to ensure they aren't trying to sneak up behind you (Mocking Jay and April) from my experiences. Each time you get into the water you feel truly privileged to be in the presence of these incredible animals as well as the amazing feeders who make the experience what it is.

Both Anna and Sean were fantastic both in the water and out. They ensured the whole trip was both safe and endlessly fun. The staff on board were just as lovely. Lisa, who is training to be a feeder, is truly lovely with her happy attitude and wonderful smile. She saved me several times from making silly mistakes and it's fair to say the trip wouldn't have been nearly as good without her, she also makes a mean pina colada. The other crew were all a delight to be around as they went about making sure everything ran smoothly. Each one of them were everything you could hope for.

The diving is done in such a way that the whole group is a buddy team acting together to spot and identify the sharks. Everyone looks out for everyone and there's no end to the duty to spot the sneakier of the sharks as they approach you from behind.

The accomodation on the boat is what you would expect from a live aboard. Being comfortable and spacious enough to hold your belongings. Again the crew are fantastic and clean and tidy the room at least twice a day.

I can't recommend the Bahama Master enough. The whole trip was superb and I definitely intend to return at some point soon.

Look for Patches and Maria. They were my favourite sharks as the local resident great hammerhead and the super gentle giant tiger shark respectively.

I hope to see you aboard!!

Nick Turner would recommend Bahamas Master

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