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Beside Luxor Hotel
Red Sea Governorate
P.O.BOX 101
Tel: (002)0122 4193164
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written on Jun 06, 2016 in Dubai

Added Jun 06, 2016

5/5 stars

Top notch

one of the best dive centers you would ever have the pleasure of going on dive trips with .. to start off, their rental gear is off his quality and not worn out.. not like some of the other centers which rent out really old bcds etc. The crew were very professional and they gave the impression that they know what they were doing and THEY DID!

Nasser and Ahmad and their crew went out of their way to make the diving experience an amazing one for me. The number of instructors on board was more than reassuring and even the remaining crew were outstanding..

I saw so much marine life in this trip , more so than i did anywhere else and that is testament not only to the amazing diving spots we went to but also to the outstanding experience of Nasser and his crew. My dives were split between Nasser and Jafaar and they were simply 2 days worth of superb dives ...

Wherever they are , be sure that you will see some of the most amazing marine life ever .. Napoleon, Murray, lion fish, scorpion fish, blue spotted sting rays, puffer fish, crocodile fish, stone fish (in all shapes sizes and forms) etc etc and last but not least the dolphins.. Alot of them.. Had a 75min dive with them

And the food by Abdullah was so delicious to the point of sin... :)

Overall, an amazing diving experience with an amazing crew and one that i for sure will definitely repeat again in the very very near future .. highly recommended to all divers out there (beginners and pros)

Hala _N would recommend Funnydivers

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Age : 30-39
Diving for : 6 to 10 years
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