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reviewed Egypt - Marsa Nakari Village

written on Jul 01, 2014 in London

Added Jul 01, 2014

5/5 stars

You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

This is the 19th trip that I have been forced to take by the staff at Oonasdivers to various Red Sea Diving Safari sites since 2000. I had been under pressure since before the end of my last trip to Nakari to book this one. I received threatening phone calls from Lydia telling me not only when I was flying, but what seat on the plane I was sitting in.

Once on site there was again very little in the way of organisation or supervision. People were allowed to walk into the sea whenever they wanted, for either diving or snorkelling, the fish were allowed to swim unsupervised in the bay right up to the shore line, the temperature both in and out of the water was way too high and the sun far too bright. Oh, and the water was extremely wet with fluctuations in the level.

Under water I was shocked by the amount of fish engaging in sexual relations in the open water. No attempt was made to get the fish to behave in an appropriate manner. There were also unattended juvenile fish rampaging all over the reef. This is the sort of thing I expect to see on Discovery Channel NOT on my holiday. Even the coral was at it.

I had to spend my evenings fraternising with the staff, laughing and drinking Bedouin coffee which kept me awake all night (that may have been the nitrox with hindsight).

I have now been home for 3 days and am having severe difficulty recovering from the trauma of the enforced relaxation and depression is now setting in. I appear to be suffering withdrawal symptoms from something that must have been put in my food or tank.

In short, I AGAIN request that this resort be removed from your brochure to protect people from what I have had to endure. I will continue to monitor the situation on a yearly basis.

P.s. Lydia, put me down for next year again please :0)

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Response from Oonasdivers Jul 01, 2014

Thank you for the funniest review I think we have ever received.... Lydia :)

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