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written on Sep 07, 2017

Added Sep 07, 2017

3/5 stars

Not the friendliest or most helpful until their Regional Manager arrived.

I am an advanced diver and this was far from being my first dive trip. I found the staff not very helpful and just plain lazy when it came to cleaning the gear. At a small shop I would expect to do everything myself but not at a resort. Especially since their paperwork, equipment monitoring and cleaning is so anal retentive. It started to feel like a part time job. The locals who made up the boat crew were great but until the Regional Manager showed up the staff at the shop (other than the Swiss guy) did practically nothing to help divers gear up or clean up after dives. The main thing that really got to me was the attitude of the manager Agne. She literally interrupted me and another diver on separate occasions to tell us off about conversations we were having and she didn't even understand the context of the conversations. I think she must need a vacation.

Superfly would not recommend SADC Ltd

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