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written on Oct 14, 2017

Added Oct 14, 2017

5/5 stars

Wishes come true - A Dive Center managed by a professional team

4 years ago I made my OWD at this dive center although I always said, that diving is not of my interest. I saw that dive center and decided spontaneously to start the OWD course (the pro's were: the overall systemic order, e.g. order of tanks, lists, wet-suits, information of boat trips incl their explanations, cleanliness of the dive center).
We went the course fastly through and I had a lot of fun with diving and started to love it. After 4 years we came back to Angaga. We had a first talk to one of the Management Team Members (Agnes Csomos), who informed us about the check dive and the route we would dive, she also took time to discuss our individual diving wishes in detail during out stay at Angaga.
Before ending our check dive Agnes showed us a corals breeding place, which impressed us very much. Yes, indeed a lot of corals died and the underwarter world is not colorful as it was years before, but we were impressed about all the love put into this breeding place, which we would like to highlight as an excellent initiative, which needs to be expanded around the Maldives and more.
We also noticed that the members of the dive center collects waste out of the sea during their dives, which we highly appreciate and we did the same. We need to help corals and we need to protect our environment. Nevertheless waste will stay a big issue for the Maledives and we wish that this can be solved somehow before the seaword will die due to overload on waste. The Sub Aqua Dive Center at Angaga showed us how much they want to protect the seaworld, which impressed us very much.

Regarding diving trips we noticed that the Management Team really took care to make wishes from all guests come true and this is sometimes not an easy tasks, but we can say, that the team made everything possible to make us HAPPY! And we were very happy and we need to say, that we really miss the time and wish to come back very soon.
A big thank you to Agnes, who was my Buddy during the wrack diving tour. It was a surprise for me, that I had the courage to make it and it was one oy my great dives. My husband who is a rescue diver also enjoyed it very much who made the tour with another buddy and unguided.
And a big thank you to Italy who was our guide during the Manta tour this year. It was great to see Melodie, the Manta, who floated like a royal above our heads. Agnes kindly found out based on the picutres we me made that this Manta's name is Melodie and provided us further informaiton about Melodie.

We need to give our thank to this Angaga dive center which is responsible that my husband Ben and me have together unforgetable and wonderful diving trips, because it was Angaga's dive center why I made the OWD. And I plan to make my AOWD - hopefully at Angaga with Agnes.

What we have seen during our times at Angaga, and just to mention a few:
- Walshark
- Dolphins
- Mantas
- Octopus
- Lopster
- Stone fishes
- and many many many more

THANK YOU Sub Aqua Dive Center Angaga and all our best wishes to you.

Hope to see you soon again.
Ben & Caro

Ben & Caro Barth would recommend SADC Ltd

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