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from Melbourne reviewed Sub Aqua Dive Center

written on Oct 03, 2015 in Thanyaburi

Added Oct 03, 2015

5/5 stars

Very easy to use service

Two of us used to dive a little but not for around 25 years. Our two kids were non certified. The free trial in the pool at the Phuket Hilton with Marc was a great way to give the kids the confidence to do a day trip of two shallow dives. It was all very smooth and the kids (12 & 15 yo) managed like walking across the road, no nerves at all. The only tiny thing we'd have changed was to stay in a little longer as we had plenty of air at the end when summoned up. Saw some cool fish, morays and cuttlefish, and patches of the recovering reef were great. Instructor Simon was very capable.

David L would recommend SADC Ltd

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Diving for : 2 to 5 years
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