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from San Jose, Ca

written on May 12, 2015 India

Added May 12, 2015

5/5 stars

[Insert appropriate for work/positive/non sarcastic/headline here.]

What can I say about Temple? I mean it, really, what am I allowed to say? Is this a family friendly site or are people OK with the truth? Reading through the reviews, I should probably keep this to PG rated. That's unfortunately, since that means I can't talk about the REDACTED or about how much fun it was to REDACTED. I definitely can't talk about REDACTED because I'm sure that would get someone into trouble.

I can say that I would definitely dive with this crew again. I came for a weekend trip a few months back and I returned four or five more times (working in Chennai for 3 mo). I got to be part of discovering two new sites (it's Cabbage Patch, Jonah, deal with it) and learned more in the last twenty dives than I have since my open water. Not only am I a better diver now, I know a lot more about what it means to work at a dive shop (someday you'll get that "real job" Julian... but maybe after you finally get your REDACTED fixed).

It's been a truly great experience and any time I'm in India, I'll be stopping in again. If any of the crew makes it state side, hopefully they'll let me know (even you, Akhil... or especially you...).

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