Technical Partners

ScubaTribe has partnered with a multitude of service providers within the diving industry and we are dedicated to working together with more. We have connections with dive shop management software such as EVE and Scubaocity. We have worked with independent professionals to manage File Maker, Quickbooks and other popular business management softwares.

Our system was designed to allow seamless integration with just about any available system.

We also work with a wide variety of e-commerce and website management systems such as Wordpress, Magento, Joomla and OS Commerce just to name a few of the more popular systems available. This allows us to integrate and provide customers with a variety of solutions which allow them to gather, publish and share the feedback they gather through our one of a kind system.

If you are interested in integrating with ScubaTribe please contact us for details.


A few of our current partners

NAUI Middle East North Africa
NAUI Middle East North Africa

Our close collaboration means that both NAUI MENA and NAUI international members are entitled to very favorable pricing and member benefits when signing up to ScubaTribe. Contact us directly or NAUI MENA for more details.


Scubaocity Dive Shop Management System

Our integration insures that all users of the Scubaocity Dive Shop Management System have full access to the ScubaTribe review requests system. If you would like to try it out contact either your account manager at Scubaocity us here at ScubaTribe.

Dive Center Startup
Diver Center Startup

We create value for new and existing dive centers. Our international team of experts and partners can assist you to create efficiency and growth. This by using modern equipment, techniques and our network of renowned partners in the dive industry.